About us and our farm:

Seven years ago we purchased a mini horse farm and started looking for something that would give us the best tax advantage. At the time we were traveling quite a bit out west and we kept  coming across guard llamas on sheep farms. By the time we reached Las Vegas we saw a television commercial " I Love Alpacas " about twenty times. When we got back to Florida we started seriously investigating the alpaca industry and now six years later we have sixteen alpacas, two guard llamas and four mini donkeys.

When I fell in love with these curious animals I fell hard, I'm not in the business to trade alpacas. In the six years that we have had our farm I've only sold one animal and had a tough time doing that. They are all pet/fiber quality animals with individual personalities that make me laugh every day, cuss at one or two of them daily and they have changed my life in ways that I would never imagined. Yes it sounds corny but very true.

My background is art education teaching in the public school system and as an investment advisor.  My friends can't believe what I am now doing and how happy I am doing it. I don' t have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to teach unruly middle schoolers or drive an hour and a half in rush hour traffic to an incredibly stressful job in Tampa.

I roll out of bed throw on some clothes and I don' t even have to brush my teeth to feed every morning. I have learned to give shots, file teeth, trim feet, shear, worm and even taken some vile green spit in my mouth. Yes they do spit! It's part of the job. After I feed, I get cleaned up, brush my teeth and head to the studio. I teach art lessons as well and create my own art. Does it get any better than this????? Life is good! My studio is available for weekend art/alpaca getaways. Look at the studio page for all the classes we offer.

There is a sign on my studio front porch that says " Come Sit and Share Porch with Me".  If you find yourself in the area, please do just that....

Reene Crofut
Crofut Alpacas
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Our alpacas are something to CROW about.